Phnom Penh: About 500 Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and Environment officials attended the February 14-15 camp in the domain Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary in Kampong Thom Province for the Contribution to the Conservation of Natural Resources, Biodiversity and Ecosystems in Cambodia.

This program is organized by the Ministry of Environment under the theme "Valentine's Day: We love the environment and natural resources". To increase the love and participation of the conservation of natural resources, especially in the Prey Lang Wildlife Sanctuary.

Neth Pheaktra, a secretary of state and spokesman for the Ministry of Environment, said the program had cut thousands of trees and presented potential dissemination. Prey Lang's Natural Resources, Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services, and Promotes Active Participation in Protecting and Preserving Cambodia's Natural Resources.

“At this time, we can do this and are taking another step in the management and conservation of its natural resources We will survive for generations … ”

Neth Pheaktra added that in order to improve the lives of local people and their families, the Ministry of Public Works has begun to establish community-protected areas. Nature to share management and responsibility with local communities on managing protected areas, as well as allowing the community to be white Rights of use and enjoyment of natural resources, in accordance with the law and to protect and preserve natural resources to survive.

Mr. Hoeun Sopheap, a representative of Prey Lang Forestry in Kompong Thom, supported the action as his community planned to cut down trees in Prey Lang February 22nd. But Ly Sreng, director of the Kompong Thom Wildlife Sanctuary, refuses to visit the site for the celebration as well as the forest patrol. No, because the order is top-notch, and that if they do not comply, the official will detain them.

“On February 22, we also organized a tree-cutting program, which is planned in the middle of Prey Lang. But one official banned us from visiting the festival site and even banned the patrol. ”

Ly Sreng, director of Kompong Thom Wildlife Sanctuary, could not be reached yesterday for comment.

Heng Sros, a forestry and environment activist, has been supportive of these acts of love for the forest and the environment, but said the dissemination of the message and education Forest crime can only be prevented by strict enforcement of the law.

He said authorities had to monitor the actions of several tycoons and companies suspected of forest crime. “I want to check on companies that are running businesses near Prey Lang because some of them are logging and transporting Into its economic land concessions; Law enforcement officials must take strict action against offenders who transport and log the timber legally. ”

It should be highlighted that Prey Lang was established by the Royal Government in 2016 under the Ministry of Environment. 430,000 ha in the province of Stung Treng, Preah Vihear, Kampong Thom and Kratie provinces. Last year, the Ministry of Environment recognized 19 community protected areas that had legal rights to participate in conservation and conservation activities In the Wildlife Sanctuary it is important: