Kampong Thom: About 40 to 50 people representing more than 100 families are involved in a land dispute in Kraya commune, Santuk district, Kampong Thom province. Arrives in Phnom Penh to Petition at the National Assembly, Prime Minister's Cabinet and Ministry of Interior Imprisonment. But the provincial governor refused.

The villagers came to Phnom Penh on June 22 and 23 to seek legal title deeds, but only Only the National Assembly accepted their petition, while the Cabinet of Prime Minister and Ministry of Interior did not issue their petition .

The petition states that 147 families are in contention of 510 hectares of land with four companies: An Sophy, a Golden Gate Company Soo Pheap & Company Cambodia Co., Ltd. And recently, provincial authorities have warned them to imprison them if they refuse to take 50% of the land and leave 50%. More to the company.

“Provincial authorities and relevant officials came to coordinate with us using the formula to divide our land into two,” the petition reads. Equally, if we had 2 hectares of land, it would be allocated to one hectare company. "No, we are all facing a legal challenge, possibly imprisoned."

They said the words of the provincial authorities were a threat and made them very worried. Meeting with the representatives of the disputed citizens, she confirmed that the provincial officials' warnings were issued between May and June. This.

She confirmed that her disputed land was an ancestral land but had been used for some time and had only been accessed. Went back to production in 2012.

The representative claims that suddenly in 2014, a court summoned a group of villagers, claiming they had taken over the company's land. Which has been granted investment since 2007. Following the summons from the court, citizens often requested the intervention of provincial officials.

“When I went to court, it was stated that the state had granted the land as a concession to the company,” she said. In 2007, but we as citizens do not know. But all of these land was made from my ancestors and no company has ever done anything on it. ”

The villagers returned to Kompong Thom after officials from the province came to facilitate them In the province.

Kompong Thom provincial governor Sok Lu told the Post yesterday that the land was state-owned land that the government had granted economic concessions to the company. Over the years, the area has been measured by students.

He added that some villagers had taken over the company's land and had been settled by the provincial working group through mediation Most people agreed to the resolution, but some did not, because there was a ringleader behind them.

There is no authority to coerce or threaten them, he said, and the solution to the problem is through the principle of land. 50% of the land is cultivated but vacant land and land are for sale. The state.

“Normally, even though their land is arable, we don't have rights to them. So The province determines what he did on the land, and the land has a background so we can apply the principle from above. Because the provincial level is afraid to decide.

Sok Ratha, ADHOC coordinator for Kompong Thom province, said that ADHOC had only been monitoring the land dispute first and yet. So far, these people have not filed a complaint with Adhoc.

He said: 'The occupation of this people is that some people have owned the land for a long time and some may just take possession. New and others may be trading and holding if we look at geography. Some locations are traditionally occupied, some are non-traditional, and recently, population growth has been a difficult task For the authorities, ”he said. He wants to see this land dispute resolved at the provincial level so that it is not difficult for citizens to find a solution at the national level.