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If you are one of the many people looking for a job, you need to pay attention to your resume From your target job organization. One of the ways to put your profile ahead of others is to put the skills that are important to this new era.

Below are the skills you should have in your resume if you want to get a good paying job according to the system LinkedIn Social:

1. Video recording skills
Video recording skills are in high demand because watching videos makes up 82% of all the activities that people do Internet in 2022, according to Cisco.

2. Sales specialist
Sales skills help one to manage a team and have the ability to collaborate with others in different positions While being able to sell company products and services effectively.

3. Business analytical skills
This skill began to be of great importance last year, as it helped to prevent a project from failing, trying to find the conditions and points It is necessary from all parties to make the project successful.

4. UX Design
This specialization helps job organizations get people who have the skills to create products and services that are very customer-centric. As a result, the new product will be very attractive to consumers.

5. Market analysis skills
Market analysis uses customer perspectives and analytics tools to further understand customer needs and provide tailored solutions Customers' needs