Business schools can provide many benefits and the theories taught can provide basic knowledge for students and can Used in some situations as well. But schools can not teach students from all angles, and there are many lessons to be learned from hands-on experience. Direct work. Here are some facts about business, money and life that you can not learn from school:

1. Work with people you like
If you have a choice, you should choose to work with people you like. Billionaire Warren Buffett once told students in class that if he could make $ 100 million With someone who makes you want to vomit, he will refuse.

2. Saying I do not know
Nowadays, everyone is always trying to comment on everything they can share. But the phrase "I do not know" is also very powerful because it shows the sincerity that you dare to admit that you really are. No comments or suggestions on any topic.

3. Beware of intelligence
Intelligence is good, but it can often be intertwined with other factors, such as stubbornness. Not listening to others, not being able to communicate with others and not being able to cooperate with people in the group.

4. Forget the hardships that bring success
This will help you to be stronger and better prepared than others for the challenges ahead. Most past successes seem easier when you have to work hard to achieve them, so many people forget about it. It.

5. You can learn a lot from people who have different ideas from you.
When your thoughts are inconsistent with another person's, it is easy to think, "Why do people think that? ? ”But you will be able to go a long way if you ask,“ What did they go through in life? Why do they think so? ”And this idea will help you learn other important lessons that will help you stay The next day.