A South Korean-based religious group, the Sun Chung Ji Church, also said that more than 4,000 church members who had been cured of Kovid-19 were willing to donate their plasma donations. Develop in new therapies.

As COVID-19 (protracted 19) became a 'global epidemic', individual countries were working to develop vaccines and treatments for the virus. In this context, South Korea is also expected to accelerate the development of Kovid-19 treatment.

The Republic of Korea has been conducting research on the development of blood-thinning agents to develop guidelines for plasma therapy for people who have been cured of Kovid-19 virus. However, they are experiencing anemia in difficult donations, but this time they are being cured by the virus-19 virus, which is believed to be a great help in developing members' plasma donation therapies. About 4,000 people of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints have recovered after being infected with Kovid-19 (COVID-19).

It is known that the amount of blood your patients have recovered from Kovid-19 is about $ 83 billion, when the value of the blood of 4,000 therapists is calculated as the actual operating cost of the company. Biology based on current actual operations in the United States. The reason why those who recover from Kovid-19 is expensive is that it is difficult to find donors and each country is trying to develop competitive plasma therapy but it is difficult to get enough blood so it is trying to guarantee blood. Even in astronomical numbers.

‹It's difficult (it's difficult) to accelerate the development of drugs for Kovid-19, with only 200 people cured of their willingness to donate blood. An employee of Green Cross Pharma, a biotechnology company in South Korea, said that large donations from people who have been cured of Kovid-19 disease at Xinchonji Temple will solve the problem of anemia for research. ›.

In the first quarter of this year, a rapid outbreak of the virus struck church members in Dae-gu, South Korea, but the first signs of the crisis came with controversy over tourists. From China, very much before the transmission of church members.

Lee Man-hee, founder of Xinchonji Church, said members of the church were advised to donate their plasma voluntarily. And that 'when Jesus sacrificed his life with blood, we hope that the blood of church members can have a positive effect on overcoming the present situation.

"We have discussed with the health authorities and tried to come up with a detailed plan for the donation," said a staff member at Xinchonji Church. Some of the healed members donated their blood directly, feeling grateful for the help from the government and the medical team. They have shown their willingness to contribute to society '

Lee Hyang-ki (not his real name, a 26-year-old female), a member of the Daegu Temple who donated plasma, said, "The scariest thing is looking at infected people. "In society, discrimination is considered a sinner's hatred of the victim." And Kim Hyun-jung (not her real name, a 57-year-old woman) said, "The fact that I was infected with the dreaded virus came as a shock to me and my husband. "That also hurts like the sky collapses."

In addition, the reason for the decision to donate plasma is 'the fact that there is no cure for the virus gives people the most anxiety and fear'. "If drugs were made by donating plasma to save the lives of others, I would be happy too." I decided to donate my own plasma in the hope that the people who died in the world as a result of the virus would be able to get rid of the Kovid 19 plague as soon as possible and end the virus.

Several local governments in South Korea have complained that the Xinjiang shrine did not provide a complete list of materials and facilities and did not cooperate with the authorities.

Deputy Minister of Health and Welfare Kim Kang-lip said there was "no evidence" that the Xinjiang Uyghur Temple was missing or that the list was false. There is only a slight difference. ' A study of Xinzhongji Church and Kovid-19 also confirmed that the church "provided a full list six days after the government's request, and when the government requested a list of assets, it was not clear. Whether those closures are included. '

(Shincheonji and Coronavirus in South Korea: Sorting Fact from Fiction – A White Paper https://www.eupoliticalreport.eu/covid-19-and-the-shincheonji-church-in-south-korea-a-white-paper- reveals-the-truth /)

The church's public relations manager, Xin Chunji, said he would actively cooperate with government agencies' investigations at the church level.

The Republic of Korea has reported 12,800 cases and 282 deaths from Corona19.