You have probably heard celebrities talk about loving and taking care of themselves when they want to sell something to consumers. So does that mean you have to spend money to love and take care of yourself?

The reality is, it's not. Rupert Saunders, a clinical counselor at Headspace, said it was an everyday activity that helped to see that. Mental health care and help improve your health.

According to this definition, you do not always have to spend to be loved and cared for. Instead, there are several actions you can take to achieve the goals above, and below are a few examples you can take Tested:

1. Keep a gap between work and life
The gap between work or study and personal life has not been easy to maintain and has become more difficult during this time Many people have to work or study from home. But what you can do is make it a habit to separate your work or study and personal life.

For example, set a room for relaxation and study or study. Each time you enter a room, you can do nothing but set your mind.

2. Try to eat good food
Eating good food is also self-care. And it is not a problem to sip wine or to eat sweets occasionally. But you should not allow yourself to fall into bad habits for too long. Especially when you're stressed because people who are stressed out are much more likely to choose unhealthy foods.

3. Do not settle for a moment
Being physically active can help your mental health. And you can do this by walking around the house or trying to do some indoor exercise, and so forth Leaving the house.

4. Stay in touch with other people
Staying in touch with others, whether on the phone, Facebook or any other way, does exactly that That's important because they can give you encouragement. But if you are living with other people, such as family or roommates, you should definitely set the time It's time to work and study.