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You have already seen people who have taken their ideas into businesses worth millions of dollars in one area The number. But some sectors are more likely to succeed than others. The following is a study of Wealth X, which studied people around the world with $ 5 million in assets. The sectors that make up the most billionaires around the world:

1. Banking and Finance
According to Wealth X, you have more work in banking and finance than any other sector. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon is 22.6% of the $ 5 million richest person Earn money from the financial sector.

2. Business and customer service
More than 16% of all rich people build their wealth out of business and customer service. David Steward founded World Wide Technilogiy, an IT services company with more than 11 billion revenue. More dollars. He currently has about $ 3.5 billion in assets, according to Forbes.

3. Non-profit organizations
According to the study, more than 7% of the rich work for a full-time non-profit organization. But most of them build their wealth from other fields, like Bill Gates. And wife and so forth.

4. Real estate
The study also found that 5.4% of people had real estate income. Stephen Ross is currently the richest billionaire in the US real estate with a combined wealth of 7.6 billion Million dollars.

5. Health
Only 4.9% of rich people build wealth from the health sector, according to Wealth X research. Switzerland's richest man, Ernesto Bertarelli, has built wealth from his drug company Serono.