Full house: 4m x 18m brick tile house has electricity All four houses were completely engulfed by 5:40 am on February 5, 2020 along Veng Sreng Road in Trapeang Thleung Village 3, in Chom Chao I, Khan Por Sen Chey.

According to the report by Inspector Balaing Khan, Khan Por Senchey, the owner of the first victim), named Horm Meng, male, 38 years old, was in business (totaling about 40,000 properties). USD), 2nd) Mr. Choun Tith, male, 37 years old, trader (damage worth about $ 95,000), and third person, Sous Koslow, 39, Assets of about $ 180000).

Por Sen Chey district police chief Inspector Deng said that the house, which was set on fire, was a 4m by 18m brick brick structure, causing damage to all four burning homes. The whole house was 4m x 18m and burned to a few other houses with no victims or dead. And the reason is due to electrical transmission.

According to the report of Por Sen Chey district police chief, in the fire, there were 20 dangerous office vehicles using 20 water. 2 units, (70 vehicles) 2 water trucks, 2 Canadia fire trucks with 2 water, 2 fire trucks Three of Phnom Penh's three water utilities, three Ministry of Interior fire trucks used three water tanks and extinguished at 08:30 on the same date.