Middle: 326 families protesting in early June over state-owned land in Chamkar Barang, Tuol Prech commune, Ang Snoul district, Kandal province, received receipts Mark the land to wait for a policy solution from the government, while the provincial governor said the issuance of the receipt was to mark the encroachment on state land.

Tuol Prech commune chief Chik Sophea told the Post on July 13 that residents protesting over the French plantation had not yet received compensation. Or how to solve it yet. However, only the provincial level, together with the inter-ministerial officials, measured and issued receipts to certify plots of land to 326 families, equivalent to 419 The plot is already.

He said that the people who protested the French plantation have received all and no more protests, they are waiting for a solution. Further from the provincial level as well as inter-ministerial officials according to other procedures or principles.

Mr. Chik Sophea said: "I saw his cadastral team go down to measure and clear the land of the people who enjoy it, but do not know or have compensation At any price, there is no principle.

Koam Rith, a resident of Ang Tasit village in Tuol Prech commune, said that so far the provincial authorities have not cut the land or issued compensation. To citizens for more than a month now. But only the provincial level has come down to measure and issue receipts to everyone.

He said that the receipt card issued to this citizen was signed by the village chief and the commune chief and the district, but did not tell the citizen that How? However, despite the identity card, the authorities do not allow people who have enjoyed the benefits to go into farming or other occupations.

Koam Rith continued: “From doing it, it has been quiet and others do not know. I'm wondering too. At least tell the village chief to know and help tell the people. But neither the village nor the commune knows this. ”

According to Mr. Koam Rith, through this ID card, some people also get large land between 1-2 hectares and some people get small land. From 10-70A depending on the type of land they have occupied and enjoyed in the past.

Kandal provincial governor Kong Sophorn told the Post yesterday that authorities had issued receipts to residents, not identifying landowners. But as a sign that they came to encroach on this land for agriculture. At the same time, some people have misunderstood the land title deed by reselling it and having traders come to buy it. Authorities are investigating the case, leading to the arrest of the perpetrators.

He stated that the French plantations belong to the state and take back from the people to serve the state in the development of various projects, not take To serve the private sector. That is why the inter-ministerial government is trying to solve any appropriate policy for the people to get this land back. The people who used to enjoy the French plantations did not have a title deed, they cut and reclaimed it themselves.

Kong Sophorn said: “When they receive this receipt, they look at [inter-ministerial] how to deal with it. We can not do what he wants immediately. However, the inter-ministerial will go down to resolve the policy soon.

Pursuant to the letter No. 755 of the Office of the Council of Ministers on August 13, 2020, it agreed in principle to provide 2.8 million square meters of land. Located in 5 villages of Toul Prech commune, Ang Snoul district, Kandal province, along National Road 51, it is a private property of the Ministry of Defense. National.