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Raising a child to grow up requires a great deal of parenting, no matter the time, energy, and budget of the child. They grew up and were able to earn money on their own. Of course, parents often want to see their children live comfortably and securely, which is why most parents continue Give your children money to spend, even if the children are obviously employed.

However, it can create a bad habit of making children dependent on their parents and not starting to learn about storage Well the money. So, what can you do as a parent who wants to stop spending money on their grown-up children?

1. Limit the time to reduce or stop child money:
Parents should not stop spending money completely, but make a definite time for gradual cuts because It can give children enough time to get along and get ready for when they don't have the parents' budget Onwards.

2. Explain to your children that it's the way you want to help them:
Once you have established a clear plan, you must clearly explain why you have made this decision. The important thing is to tell the children that it is not punishment for them and they are not Did something that made you decide that.
Instead, you should focus on the important lessons they can learn from your decisions, such as independence Saving money for the future itself.

3. Support them in a different way:
This decision does not cut off parent-child relationships. You need to let them know that you are still supporting them in other ways. Plus, if they need help managing a budget, then you should help them too. Edited by: Sokhuk