Phnom Penh: At least 21 people were killed and 76 were seriously injured in 49 road accidents. Nationwide, the four-day Chinese-Vietnamese New Year is down from last year.

The cause of traffic accidents is due to driving at high speeds, disrespecting rights, not right-handed competition in dangerous situations, turning in the situation Drunk driving, traffic lights, road signs, drowsy drivers and using mobile phones while driving.

Him Yan, deputy commissioner of the National Police and secretary-general of the National Road Safety Committee, told the Post yesterday that compared to the period Similarly, in 2020, the number of traffic accidents this year will decrease 10 times, the number of fatalities will decrease by 19 and the number of injuries will decrease by 4.

The Chinese-Vietnamese New Year is set for four days, from the 11th to the 14th. During the four days, there was a decrease in the number of accidents, the number of injuries and the number of deaths, as well as a decrease in traffic congestion.

"Overall, we see that it is better, firstly, our authorities have worked hard to improve traffic order, secondly, to be prepared," Yan said. Acne is also good by promoting people to understand the participation of traffic safety in travel. "Most of the people have obeyed the traffic law and the traffic is in good order."

According to Yan, in 2020, the authorities will try to tighten traffic laws, including the use of speed as a priority. Most recently, the number of accidents has decreased significantly compared to 2019.

At the same time, the number of traffic accidents in 2020 will be reduced by nearly 1,000 times, reducing the number of fatalities by 335 and reducing the number of injuries. 1,445 people. In 2021 and the following years, the authorities will continue to tighten traffic rules to prevent accidents. Traffic on roads across the country is less.

Kong Rattanak, an expert and consultant on road traffic, said that traffic problems in Cambodia are still a problem. Light yet. However, he also agreed with Him Yan's report and remarks that traffic accidents during the Chinese New Year have decreased. Based on data collected by the police.

He said that as an observer of all traffic accidents, he saw that the number of traffic accidents is declining, but the loss of life. It continues to happen on a daily basis, as reported by the National Police.

"For me, we want to solve this problem, we need to find the root of the problem clearly," Kong Ratanak said. In addition, this problem does not occur only in Cambodia, even in the world, no matter how developed the country is. There were also traffic accidents. "Just the number of accidents in developed countries is low and in developing countries like Cambodia there are many."

According to Kong Rattanak, the number of traffic accidents in the Chinese-Vietnamese New Year this year is not much different from 2020. The average number of victims can increase from two to three times on a normal day, and on days when people travel a lot, it is the next day. On average, 9 to 10 or more people are killed in traffic accidents, while every day there are An average of five people were killed.