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Qatar: A total of 19 people have been infected with the virus, according to an AFP report on Wednesday. They found three construction workers preparing for the World Cup, the first of many confirmed Related to the 2022 tournament.

The Gulf country has reported a total of 19 deaths from the virus, including seven in three infections. Of the 711 cases, 406 were recovering.

The SC confirmed that two workers were working on the project, the organizers said in a statement to AFP Al-Thumam Stadium has been found to have contracted the virus.

In addition, three other workers, one working on the Al-Rayyan Stadium project and the other two on the Al-Bayt Stadium project Infected with the virus.

Qatar currently building seven new stadiums for the World Cup, which it will host in 2022. .

The SC added that the Ministry of Health is following the instructions of the Ministry of Health in responding to these cases and those affected All will continue to receive full pay and free healthcare.

The World Cup 2022 runs from November 21 to December 18, with 32 nations competing for the title. Uncle