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Brazil: Rio de Janeiro-based Vasco da Gama football club (Brazil) On Sunday, 16 players tested positive for the HIV-19 virus, according to the release From Reuters.

A statement from the club said that 16 positive players were found among the club's 43 people Get tested. Players with positive test results will be quarantined at the discretion of the club doctor.

Rio de Janeiro-based club players are allowed to undergo a physical test and practice routine Training on each step from Monday onwards, but not for any group training or any interaction yet Not yet allowed. While other states have not yet set a date for football clubs, the full training can begin.

Brazil reported a total of 514,849 cases as of June 1, 2020, with deaths. A total of 29,314 people, making it the second-largest country after the United States to have the most infections The whole world ៕