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Battambang man charged with raping 14-year-old Thai migrant worker after raping a woman Armed police enforce an arrest warrant at 10 am on March 27, following a new Kovi-19 virus forced on a man. This is due to return from Thailand to Chhay Chat village, Kant commune Select 2 Banan.

Kang Sophanna, deputy director of the Office of the High Commissioner for Law Enforcement, said that the arrested person was Luo Tong Tong Han, 35, lives in upper village-commune point. He was arrested by the Bann district sheriff's enforcement unit on a warrant for his arrest. 330 DK, dated 30 April 2007, by Investigating Judge Duch Sok Sarin. Sir
According to Panna, according to the arrest warrant, the deputy prosecutor, Kuy Kanya, accused the man, named Loy Tong Tong, of The 'rape' of a victim girl who was a common man living in an adjacent house but committed in a new village Kant 1 commune, Banan district on March 07, 2006.

With the arrest, Leung Tong Han admitted that he had actually committed the girl. He says he has since fled his homeland to work in Thailand as a driver The butter. But as Thailand begins to spread the new Kov-19 virus, as do many countries, it thinks its story It happened more than 10 years ago and it is likely that it will be completed and then they will return to their homeland.

Kang Sophanna said that a specialized force was now escorted by the accused, Lieutenant Colonel Leu Tong Tong, to the provincial police. And it is preparing to be transferred to the provincial court to take action.