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Wuhan is the epicenter of the COVID-19 virus outbreak in central China's Hubei Province on Monday. This closed another temporary hospital as the number of patients continued to decline, Xinhua news agency said. March 9th.

The temporary hospital, which was replaced by an international exhibition center, closed at 3 pm today, bringing the number of temporary hospitals closed. There are already 14 places.

After the vonhan virus, the virus Kov-19 increased the number of patients and treated separately. Chinese authorities have transformed the public space, such as an exhibition center, stadium and gym, into 16 temporary hospitals.

The other two temporary hospitals that are in operation, he expects to close soon, also said.

BEIJING – As of 5 pm on March 9, the total number of people across the country: a total of 19 HIV-1 infections. 80,739 cases, 44 new cases, 3,120 deaths, 18,903 patients, 5,1111 severe cases and 58,716 people recovering.