Sihanouk: Preah Sihanouk Provincial Health Department says that 14 people living in Doeum Thkov village, Koh Rong commune have a fever and Red rash is being treated at Sihanoukville Provincial Referral Hospital to wait for the blood test results that doctors will diagnose. At the same time, Cambodia has just had an outbreak of cholera.

On July 27, there was an outbreak in several patients in the upper district, some with fever and rash. Red has sought treatment at public hospitals and some have sought treatment at private hospitals. This is what Heng Kim An, chief of the Koh Rong commune administrative police station, told the Post yesterday.

"Yes, there were a lot of explosions. The first 20 people had a normal fever," he said. But I do not know the details, because when they were not feeling well, they came to the province to seek medical treatment at the provincial hospital. Health check.

Lim Samean, director of the Sihanoukville Provincial Health Department, told the Post yesterday that as of July 28, there were patients with similar symptoms. Fourteen of them are in the provincial referral hospital to wait for the blood test results.

She said doctors could not yet diagnose the disease, pending blood results from the Pasteur Laboratory. First.

"The patient is from Koh Rong commune, while in other areas he is sick, he has a fever, he came to the hospital for normal treatment," she said. We do not dare to conclude that as in the case of Banteay Meanchey, we wait for the results of blood tests.

Ms. Lim Samean asked people to take action to clean up and get rid of tiger mosquitoes that cause mosquitoes to cause disease and to wear clothes Long and always sleep under a mosquito net. She said to seek timely consultation services at the nearest health center or referral hospital in case of Symptoms as above.

However, Kheang Phearum, spokesman for Sihanoukville Provincial Hall, said yesterday that the case was based on preliminary conclusions from teachers. The doctor is a cholera or rubella.

However, all patients were taken to the Institut Pasteur for further autopsy.

On July 23, the Ministry of Health announced outbreaks of Chikunngunya in some villages in Banteay Meanchey province's Poipet commune. Occurred in 168 people with symptoms of fever, skin rash and joint pain.

Le Chansangvat, director of the Banteay Meanchey provincial health department, told the Post yesterday that as of July 28, all patients infected with the disease Staying in the hospital is normal, with no one being harmed.

He said that the situation of the outbreak was also controlled after the experts sprayed mosquito repellent and continued. Apply Abet in villages where mosquitoes are suspected of transmitting the disease.

"So far, some patients have not been discharged from the hospital," he said. "But they do not have any serious health problems."

According to a press release from the Ministry of Health, chickenpox is a public health problem that is transmitted from one person to another. One person from one family to one family, from one village to another through the mosquito bites that move everywhere.

However, the Ministry of Health has confirmed that the chicken fever does not affect life, but will recover within a week. Or longer and can make patients suffer from arthritis for many years. But if you get chickenpox while having other illnesses, such as dengue fever, malaria, it can be life-threatening.

At the same time, the Ministry of Health has suggested that the prevention of chikungunya, as well as the prevention of dengue fever, is based on the prevention of mosquitoes. Tigers bite by getting rid of water bodies, which are home to mosquitoes.