Photograph: Pha Lina / Phnom Penh Post The Higher Education Association claims that 113 private institutions are facing bankruptcy because of their inability to pay rent and Salaries for staff while schools were suspended following the outbreak of Kovir 19.

According to the Association of Higher Education Institutions, these educational institutions are being hit hard after the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport announced the suspension of services Educated around the country from March 17 onwards due to the outbreak of the disease.

In the appeal, it reads: “During the suspension period, 113 institutions belonging to the association encountered There are many difficulties and side effects such as having to continue to pay staff, continuing to pay rent, continuing to pay interest and principal. Borrow from the bank as well as many expenses Other.

The association appealed to owners who rented space to private educational institutions to help reduce rents or delay fees and teachers, staff Private education institutions should help lower salaries, while banks should lower interest rates and delay payments.

Kouch Mengly, founder of the Board of Directors and CEO of Menglyj Kouch Edison, told the Post yesterday that the two schools are Language Centers. AIA and American Intercon School are completely losing money, but the school continues to pay staff salaries as usual Put the money for rent and to pay to the bank each month.

He said the school had to spend nearly $ 1 million per month to open the staff of more than 1,400 And a year, the school spends about $ 1 million and a half on rent and nearly $ 2 million on interest Go to the bank, while the money depends on the income of the schools City received from the instruction book sales selling expensive clothes, transportation and food.

“I have been in negotiations with the building owner, but the building's owner is shouting 'no' and refusing, he said. The owners of the schools also negotiated with the building owners, but the same result. "

He added that if the landlord or the landlord does not understand, it could lead to the collapse of most private educational institutions. They all borrow money from the bank to use it for the school.

He added that if the condition of Kov 19 was not resolved by the end of April, his school would also be able to stop. All staff or employees are suspended from school because the school cannot afford to pay them anymore.

Mr. Mengly said that at the April 3 meeting of the Association of Higher Education Institutions, there was a call for action Support from the Ministry of Education or the government for these private institutions, as he says private schools contribute about 50% in Education in Cambodia.

But Ros Sovathchak, spokesman for the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport, replied that those institutions should follow Prime Minister Hun Sen's announcement for talks. Give renters a place to be aware that they are struggling.

“Private institutions can apply to homeowners directly. The prime minister has already announced a proposal for a homeowner to come down. Private institutions need to be able to negotiate with their landlords and stakeholders themselves. ” He added that the Ministry of Education encouraged private institutions and stakeholders to come up with common solutions, because during this time all parties involved In a situation that requires high levels of understanding.

Mr. Hun Sen announced on April 7, asking the owner of a place to rent a business for all kinds of business Understandably, rent discounts are in line with the infectious diseases of Kodaw 19, as many businesses are losing their incomes.