Ho Chi Minh: 13-month-old twin girls named Truc Nhi (Little Bamboo) and Dieu Nhi (Little Magic) in a row At the hip, a team of 100 Vietnamese doctors successfully separated 12 hours for surgery at a children's hospital in the city. Ho Chi Minh.

For the next three months, doctors will treat the baby, digestive tract and urethra, as well as close each pelvis.

The two girls' mother gave birth by caesarean section at 33 weeks after doctors diagnosed them together. At the pelvic floor. They are malnourished and need close care after birth.

Hospital director Truong Quang Dinh said this could be considered a successful operation and that this was the first successful step. We will focus on everything to ensure that this is a great success.

Hospital staff said the 33-pound twins were healthy after not having surgery.

Of the 100 doctors, nine have been scheduled for surgery since the twins were born in June 2019.

Professor Tran Dong A, 79, said: "The girls' chances of a full recovery are very high thanks to modern surgical techniques and equipment."

However, doctors said the two girls would need more surgery to complete the separation, including corrective surgery. Beauty too.