Banteay Meanchey: Deputy National Police Chief Kheng Samet donated 100 coffins to Banteay Meanchey province, which has 19 critically ill Kovid patients. 30 people.

Om Chantha, deputy governor of Banteay Meanchey province, told the Post on July 4: “The coffin is HE Kheng Samet, deputy police chief. Cheat Lok came to Banteay Meanchey 100 and helped Battambang 100 to 200. In the National Subcommittee [Management and Management of Corpses 19] is ready to help. But when we get 100, we only think of 100 to use. If there is another shortage, maybe at the national level, more.

He said that if the government could finish vaccinating people within a month, 19 cases of Kovid in the province This can be a relief. Some 19 Kovid patients who are in critical condition because they have not been vaccinated.

"The government plans to send more," Chantha said. But just looking at the momentum, patients may decline in the near future for about half a month to another month may decrease. "Back."

He continued: "I think maybe [use] not all 100 rent. The total number of serious people in the hospital is about 20 [to] 30, ”he said.

He said that in his province, there are two hospitals that receive 19 serious Kovid patients: Poipet City Referral Hospital and Cambodia-Japan Friendship Hospital in Mongkul Borei district, while another hospital in Serei Sophorn and some other centers receive patients Kovid 19 Mild.

He said: “So, I sent this crab to Poipet 50 and sent it to Serei Sophorn 20. Taken to the Cambodia-Japan Friendship Hospital, it is 30 meters. ”

Mr. Chantha said that people are currently cooperating with the provincial authorities to prevent the disease because they volunteered to be vaccinated. According to the measures of the Ministry of Health, there will be wakefulness and fear, which makes them respectful.

"I think if he gets involved, it will go down," he said. "It can not [spread] further."

Mr. Chantha said his provincial administration did not need to prepare a budget to buy coffins. If the provincial administration uses almost all the coffins, the provincial administration will report to the government, which he thinks may be able to support. More.

Speaking at a special video conference to discuss and resolve the 19 cases of Kovid on July 1, the Prime Minister Hun Sen ordered Sao Sokha, the commander of the National Gendarmerie, to use the confiscated wood to make coffins. The Ministry of Economy provides funding for the purchase of coffins, which are sold and stored at hospitals in Phnom Penh and in the provinces.

"The death of the Kovid generation is very sad, in a way, like a homeless corpse, and we have to have the right coffin," he said. For cremation or burial. Therefore, the sub-committee on construction and repair discussed with the committee to manage and manage the body to examine and discuss with HE Sao ​​Sokha. The wood we caught was used to make coffins. We do not reach the point where our bodies do not have coffins. Must have coffin. "Respect the corpses of our departed citizens."